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Private or group lessons.

I have been teaching for more than 30 years both music and dance. After graduating from my music degree I immediately got a job as a music teacher in public schools and also taught privately piano and flute. At this time I was still a ballroom dance competitor and was entering the best competitions in Canada, USA and also at the most prestigious ballroom dance competitions in Europe. Few years later I also started my dance teacher certification and I am now Fellow Standard and Latin, International Style from the Canadian DanceSport Federation and also from Canada Dancesport. For many years I have been coaching competitors and also enjoyed introducing ballroom and latin dancing to new comers. With my experience in starting beginner students, I realise how much a good foundation is important. I have trained all levels of dancers and I believe that the most important level is the beginner level. It's like building a house starting with a strong foundation. Too many time I see students struggling because they weren't guided properly in the first instances and they had develop so many bad habits that it seemed overwhelming to correct.

That is why I believe and promote that anyone who desire to get started in ballroom dancing or in dance in general to first investigate in finding an experienced and certified instructor and invest in private lessons. Private dance instruction is the best way to learn how to dance properly. Here are 3 reasons why:

1. Customized to your needs and goals 2. Faster progress because of more attention to details and help from the instructor. 3. Convenience because lessons can be schedule at time that will work for you.

In my opinion group classes are also good if taken as complement to your learning process. Group classes will help you meet other dancers and should be focussed on a more specific subject. A Technique class to improve the quality of your dancing or a Team formation class to bring more opportunities to practice and develop your dancing abilities are few options to consider.

Wether you want to learn just for fun or to become an experienced competitors the beginning is the most important phase in your dance education. Private lessons will save you money at long term and will get you dancing through life in no time.

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